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Feb 02
Simon* spent his entire life not knowing how to read or do basic math. When he went to sell his crops at the market, he was routinely taken advantage of. As society modernised and progressed all around him, Simon was left behind.


The Wellness Project works with local community groups and provincial education departments to get young people back into schools and provide basic literacy to adults who have no other education options. Improving literacy has wide and long lasting effects – from improved health and increased incomes to improving social standing and community connectedness. The project is seizing the opportunity to change the cultural value placed on education by not only targeting school-aged children, but also adults who serve as role models across the community


The key activities for this project include: 

  • Establishing a demonstration school in three provinces to serve as training hubs for literacy instructors
  • Establishing learning centres across the region to provide training to school-aged children and adults in rural areas
  • Providing training and accreditation to local literacy teachers
  • Building the capacity of local community service organisations to support the literacy centres and other local development projects


More than 90 community based teachers have been trained and resourced to pass on their knowledge to students across the Papua New Guinea Islands region. As a result, hundreds of their students have the basic Tok Pisin and English skills they need to thrive. There has been a reduction in school drop-outs and improved incomes amongst adult students. In addition, leaders of grass-roots community service organisations have been trained in governance, financial management and fund raising to ensure the literacy schools can continue to operate and grow in the future.

Crisis Response Category
Amount USD
USD 50 000,00
Amount Local
Saturday, February 20, 2016 to Monday, February 20, 2017
Papua New Guinea
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